Book Review: Effective Java by Joshua Bloch

This is not your ordinary book review. You have been warned!

So, you’re working with Java, right?
Go, read this book!

You’ve learned Java at the university, or in a boot camp, perhaps as a self-thought programmer?
Go, read this book!

Maybe you’re thinking about becoming a Java developer, hm?
Well, learn the basics, and then read this book!

I think you get the point.

My shortest book review ever

Cover - Effective Java Book Review

It’s a very pragmatic book in nature. It contains 90 items divided into 12 sections each centered around different topics like lambdas, exceptions, serialization, etc. Writing Java code which works is one thing. This book will help you to write code which is effective, clear and easy to maintain.

Every Java developer should read this book. Period.

Take Action

Knowledge without action is worthless, especially when we take this book. After every item in this book I stopped reading and started thinking: is this something I can apply to the project I’m working on?

Then a searched. I found some issues. And I fixed them.

More often than not the code I had to patch was mine. But that’s OK. That is called progress. None of us writes perfect code, but this book helps us to get better at it. If you read this book as a junior developer, it might prevent you from making a lot of mistakes in the first place!

As the Java language evolves, so does this book. The current one is the 3rd edition. I’ll make sure to read the next one when it comes out to see if there are any new best practices. If there will be only one Java book you read this year, let it be this one. And of course, don’t forget to take action on it!

Before you go

In case you’ve already read this book, feel free to share your experience in the comments below. The most eye-opening items for me were: static factory methods, enum sets, and the cost of reflection. Which ones were yours?

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