KAPTAR / co-working experience

What should a developer with a full-time job do on his day off? Of course, to grab his laptop and head to the nearest co-working space to work on a side-project. Let me share my experiences about working a full day at Kaptar (bee hive).

Kaptar is located right in the center of Budapest within walking distance from major sights like the Basilica or the parliament. It’s not a big place but you have everything you need: tables, meeting rooms up to 12 people, sound proof boxes for skype calls. I can definitely recommend the table counter, there is also a kitchen (with very good coffee) and even a shower which is very handy if you ride a bike. Kaptar has a very nice modern atmosphere with a Scandinavian twist to it.

Kaptars DNA is not defined but its superb location or by its cozy furniture, but by the people who work there. I had a chance to meet interesting people from Toronto, Russia, and Germany working on very different projects. The staff is extremely friendly and they really go the extra mile. Kaptar isn’t just about strangers working in the same space but about creating a community. Every day a so-called community lunch is organized where you have a chance to know your co-workers a little better. The staff even ordered lunch for us all I had to do is to select 3 courses from a menu.

Kaptar offers a wide range of services. You can reserve a meeting room in case you have an important client to meet. Believe me, it’s much better than a noisy coffee place. There is a possibility to prepay for fix places, but Kaptar is very friendly towards occasional co-workers too. You can pop in any time you wish even only for half a day. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your notebook, phone and whatever else you need during your daily work and give Kaptar a chance.